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Jealousy, Part Deux
Title: Jealousy, Part Deux
Pairing: Lea/Dianna
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~390
Summary: Dianna really thought they had gotten over Lea's jealousy issues.
Author's Note: Semi-sort of sequel to Jealousy. Based off of me tweeting about starting to ship Swiftgron a little bit but always being interrupted by rage!Lea.

It's not like Lea wanted to miss her girlfriend's birthday party. She had begged and pleaded with the Candies people to reschedule the photoshoot, Dianna knew. Dianna had even offered to reschedule her party but Lea insisted, since she knew some of Di's closest friends would be out of town the next weekend.

It was a brilliant evening, Dianna mused as she cleaned up some of the streamers and balloons. They had dressed up and had a tea party, funky lights and music. As she swept the kitchen floor, her front door shut with a slam and her eyebrows furrowed. Her first assumption was Taylor, the girl always seemed to forget something each time she visited.

“Taylor? Sweetie, did you forget something?”


Dianna smiled, the sweet voice of her lover echoing through the apartment. Her smile dropped, though, when Lea appeared before her with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

“So Taylor has a key?”


“Really, Di? Taylor fucking Swift?”

“Lea, I thought we worked through your jealousy issues.” Dianna set the broom against the counter and sighed. She really thought they had moved on from this. Arms crossed over her chest, she straightened up and stared down her girlfriend, daring Lea to press the issue.

Lea, ever the true New Yorker, pushed her boundaries. “People already have a name for you two, you know? Swiftgron.”

“You really need to stay off Tumblr, babe.”

“Swiftgron!” Lea shrieked. “They think you're fucking!”

“They think you're fucking Cory! And Jon! And Mark! And even Jenna...Lea, they think we're fucking everyone. So once again: Stay. Off. Tumblr.”

Lea growled and ducked her head, dropping her arms. To most, it would appear as anger. To Dianna, she knew it was Lea dropping her badass Bronx walls. She crossed the kitchen floor, wrapping her arms around Lea's shoulders and kissing her cheek.

“Besides,” Dianna whispered, “I think Achele sounds a lot better than any of those stupid nicknames.”

“Does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?” Lea sniffled.

“I have some birthday cake left.”

“Can I eat it off your stomach?”

Dianna rolled her eyes and chuckled. And when Lea pouted she could only nod because, really, who could deny that?

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achele <3 breaks my heart

Lea shares my feelings on Swiftgron I see. <3 I'll pretend this happened later. :D

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