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Hi. I never know how to introduce myself so I'll just list off a few things about me for you:
  • Name: Chelsea
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: USA/Central time zone
  • Occupation: Office assistant, student, babysitter
  • Fandoms:
    • Harry Potter
    • Glee
  • Likes:
    • History
    • Photography
    • Sleep
    • Cooking
    • Duct tape
  • Websites:
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • FanFiction.net Profile
    • If you decide to follow/friend me on any of the aforementioned websites please let me know so that I don't think you're a spammer and block you.

The purpose of this LiveJournal is for all of my fanfiction. I also have it all posted on my FanFiction.net account. The link will take you to it. Or just go to my LiveJournal Master Lists: Harry Potter | Glee

I love comments and reviews but I won't tell you "If you comment I'll post more!" or anything like that. I may be evil and enjoy leaving you with cliffhangers but I'm not that evil.

I have a serious problem with self control when it comes to writing. I will start out a story thinking it will be a couple thousand words and then end up with something novel length (Examples, The Fairy Tales Trilogy: Part I, Part II & Part III and Through the Turnings). I will not publish a long story unless I have finished it completely.

If you want to know anything else feel free to ask me. I'm a fairly open person.

Directory of Harry Potter Fic
All fanfictions are complete unless otherwise noted. Length is measured in words.

Obligatory disclaimer: I do not own any of the fictional characters I write about. I just play with them.

Directory of Glee Fic
This is the directory of all of my Glee and Glee Cast fanfictions. Length is measured in words and all stories are complete unless otherwise noted. The stories are categorized by the main pairing(s)/characters. Stories with more than one main pairing may appear in more than one section.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, it's characters, or fictitious places nor do I have any associations with its cast members. All stories are works of fiction.

All Things Puppy-verse
Everything in this entry is dedicated to the Glee "Puppy-verse" I have created. There is a directory, a detailed timeline of events, and in-depth character bios for all original characters within the universe. If there is anything you would like to see or think needs to be added to the timeline then or you want to know about the characters then let me know. I hope you find it helpful!

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Title: Silence
Pairing: Santana/Rachel
Rating: PG
Length: ~2,000
Summary: Rachel and Santana weren't obsessive parents. Okay, maybe a little.
Author's Note: First appearance of the Pezberry baby. Dedicated to my girl, because she's been asking for something new ever since...well, the day after I posted the last new story. <3

Preceded by:
Moods | Surprises | Whipped | Origins | Appendectomy | Lies | Parents

SilenceCollapse )

Title: Parents
Pairing: Santana/Rachel
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1,500
Summary: Santana meets Rachel's dads.
Author's Note: Part of the Pezberry-verse. Jumping back in time a bit.

Moods | Surprises | Whipped | Origins | Appendectomy | Lies

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Put Your Arms Around Me and I'm Home.
Title: Put Your Arms Around Me and I'm Home
Pairing: Santana/Brittany
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~2,400
Summary: It takes less than two months before Santana is outed to her college teammates. Their reaction isn't what she hoped for. Oneshot.
Author's Note: Based on a conversation with faithlessfate about Santana going to Kentucky, not the most liberal state, for college.
Warning: Physical assault.

Put Your Arms Around Me and I'm HomeCollapse )

Jealousy, Part Deux
Title: Jealousy, Part Deux
Pairing: Lea/Dianna
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~390
Summary: Dianna really thought they had gotten over Lea's jealousy issues.
Author's Note: Semi-sort of sequel to Jealousy. Based off of me tweeting about starting to ship Swiftgron a little bit but always being interrupted by rage!Lea.

Jealousy, Part DeuxCollapse )

She Never Would Have Said I Do
Title: She Never Would Have Said I Do
Pairing: Rachel/Finn, Rachel/Quinn
Rating: G
Length: 610
Summary: A phone call interrupts Rachel's wedding.
Author's Note: Just something that wouldn't leave my head. And probably the thousandth fic written about this particular situation.

She Never Would Have Said I DoCollapse )

Send You on Your Way
Title: Send You on Your Way
Characters: Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray
Rating: G
Length: ~1,500
Summary: Their lives are where they are and where they're headed because of each other.
Author's Note: I just have so many Faberry feelings right now. Small spoiler for 3x14.

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