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She Never Would Have Said I Do
Title: She Never Would Have Said I Do
Pairing: Rachel/Finn, Rachel/Quinn
Rating: G
Length: 610
Summary: A phone call interrupts Rachel's wedding.
Author's Note: Just something that wouldn't leave my head. And probably the thousandth fic written about this particular situation.

Rachel is standing in front of Finn, the justice of the peace reciting words out of her book, when Mercedes' phone goes off. It makes Rachel's heart jump, hoping that it's Quinn calling about a flat tire or that she's out of gas...When she lets go of Finn's hands and turns to look at Mercedes, Rachel's heart drops. Mercedes' eyes are wide as she listens.

"Thank you for calling, Mrs. Fabray," Mercedes says quietly.

The silence after she ends the call is deafening.

"There was an accident."

Rachel doesn't even flinch when Finn begins calling after her. She is running toward the door with no apologies and through the parking lot to find her car. There's a spare key taped under the driver's seat and her fingers tremble as she pulls it out and shoves it in the ignition.

It's a miracle she gets to the hospital alive, really. Or without getting pulled over, at the very least. Rachel doesn't even think that she might look a little ridiculous as she runs in to the emergency room still in her wedding dress. She spots Quinn's mother being led through a set of double doors and Rachel ignores the calls of the woman at the front desk as she moves as quickly as possible to catch up.

"Mrs. Fabray!"

Judy turns, her jaw slightly open at the odd sight of Rachel Berry running after her in a wedding dress. She stops, Rachel's fearful eyes making her signal the nurse that it's alright for her to be there.

"What...what happened?" Rachel's voice trembles.

"The-there was a truck...I haven't seen her..."

"Come on, you two," the nurse urges. "Only a few minutes before they take her up to surgery."

Rachel nods and follows, the nurse leading them to a room where a gurney is being pulled out by two young men in blue scrubs. The sight makes her stomach churn and Judy lets out a cry. Quinn has a tube sticking out of her neck, her head is wrapped in bandages. The heart monitor beeps steadily, at least.

"My baby," Judy sobs. "Quinnie...Quinnie, please be alright."

Judy is shaking uncontrollably and a nurse has to hold her up as the young men move the gurney down the hall. Rachel follows, slipping her hand between the metal bars and into Quinn's. The bed stops suddenly at a set of double doors and one of the young men tells Rachel she isn't allowed to go any further.

" minute, please."

The young man nods and Rachel moves to the head of the bed. Sniffling, she leans down and presses a kiss to Quinn's cheek.

"I didn't marry him," Rachel whispers. "I...I didn't do it. I got the call and I came here. You have to be alright, Quinn. You have to." Tears begin slipping out of Rachel's eyes and she presses another kiss to Quinn's cheek. "You have so much ahead of you, Quinn. You have to be alright."

When she pulls away, she sees a little bit of hazel and the hand in Quinn's is squeezed.

"I love you," Quinn mouths.

The double doors open with a buzz and the young men pull the gurney away leaving Rachel in the hallway to watch it disappear as the doors close. She isn't thinking about Finn or ruining her wedding. She's thinking about Quinn and only Quinn.

And it's in that moment Rachel realizes she never would have said "I do". If Quinn had been standing by her side, Rachel would've taken one look in to hazel eyes and she would have walked away.

It is in that moment that Rachel Berry realizes she is in love with Quinn Fabray.

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Yay! I don't want to be those obnoxious reviewers that always ask for sequels but... this was too great :)
Either way, it stands great on its own. I've read a lot of stories about this storyline but this one is good!

An Awesome, heartbreaking & beautiful fic, also with a dash of hope!!
I loved it thanks!!!!

It's a little late, but I just found and read this while getting ready to re-read the puppyverse...and loved it.

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