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Hi. I never know how to introduce myself so I'll just list off a few things about me for you:
  • Name: Chelsea
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: USA/Central time zone
  • Occupation: Office assistant, student, babysitter
  • Fandoms:
    • Harry Potter
    • Glee
  • Likes:
    • History
    • Photography
    • Sleep
    • Cooking
    • Duct tape
  • Websites:
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • Profile
    • If you decide to follow/friend me on any of the aforementioned websites please let me know so that I don't think you're a spammer and block you.

The purpose of this LiveJournal is for all of my fanfiction. I also have it all posted on my account. The link will take you to it. Or just go to my LiveJournal Master Lists: Harry Potter | Glee

I love comments and reviews but I won't tell you "If you comment I'll post more!" or anything like that. I may be evil and enjoy leaving you with cliffhangers but I'm not that evil.

I have a serious problem with self control when it comes to writing. I will start out a story thinking it will be a couple thousand words and then end up with something novel length (Examples, The Fairy Tales Trilogy: Part I, Part II & Part III and Through the Turnings). I will not publish a long story unless I have finished it completely.

If you want to know anything else feel free to ask me. I'm a fairly open person.

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fyi I'm friending you and twitter following you 'cause you are awesome.

wish I shipped your potter ships. :( oh well. you'll just have to write more glee fic to make up for it. ;-)

Awesome! I'm glad you told me you were going to friend me and your icon told me who you were. If you hadn't told me I would've thought you were spam and that would've been bad.

There will be lots of Glee fic to come, I promise =D

Hey. Just to let you know I am not a spammer and definitely not a crazy psychotic serial killer.=)

I'd love to say I'm not crazy, but I am ;) But, I'm not a psycho killer or a spammer, added for Glee-ness <3

Hi!! My name is Jazmín and I love Glee and Harry Potter, your stories are awsome! please add me as you friend!

May be your friend?


I´m Viola, may befriend you? I love your fics, so please dont block me!!!! Please?

Thank you!


Re: May be your friend?

I won't block you! =)

Do you add people better known as unthinkable over at

Cos I'm adding you =).

Friended because your fics are quality stuff :)

Hi Chelsea, very nice name, do you like english football ? there is my favourite football club CHELSEA . You should check it out )

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